Debbie Verver
started her career in the cosmetic industry 28 years ago, developing her talent through training sessions, seminars, apprenticeships, and hands-on projects ranging from fashion shows to photoshoots. Through her appreciation of beauty and expertise in color theory, her experience has allowed her to learn and continue to grow in this ever-changing industry.

Debbie offers a number of services that would accommodate any client or professional  need. She is trained in HD (high-definition) and offers airbrush foundation for that flawless, long-wearing, natural finish. Debbie also has a background in training, and is available to teach correct colors and placement to ensure confidence that your makeup will always look it's best for your face and style.

Debbie enjoys working with brides, helping to make their vision come true for their special day. She offers and strongly advises a trial, where she can work hand in hand with the bride to achieve that perfect look the bride has always dreamed about. She uses airbrush foundation for that perfect finish that will last the bride all night, with 10-14 hours of wear. She also has a wide variety of false eyelashes to choose from to complete the beautiful creation. All of her products are high quality and long wearing, if not waterproof, putting the bride at ease for that tear or two she may shed.

Debbie is currently taking new clients and looks forward to helping you with cosmetic needs, whatever they may be. Please contact her directly for pricing.




About Debbie
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